Slander about Savarkar.! Notice to Rahul Gandhi soon.?

Rahul Gandhi - VD Savarkar

Pune: The Pune police have said that there is truth in the case filed against Rahul Gandhi for defaming VD Savarkar.

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, who attended an event in London in March 2023, spoke about Hindutva leader VD Savarkar. It is said that Rahul Gandhi had mentioned that Savarkar’s friends were attacking a Muslim in the book written by Savarkar and that Savarkar had written it to see what was happening and it was a cowardly act.

VD Savarkar’s grandson Satyaki Savarkar had filed a complaint in a court in Pune in April last year. Satyaki had also provided video evidence in this regard in the court. As pointed out by Rahul Gandhi, Savarkar had not written any book and accused Rahul Gandhi of deliberately spreading defamation about Savarkar.

In the name of this complaint, the Pune police, which was investigating, filed the investigation report yesterday. In it, Rahul Gandhi has mentioned that there is initial truth in his defamation of Savarkar.

Speaking in this regard, lawyer Sangram Kolhatkar, who appeared on behalf of Satyaki Ashok Savarkar, said that since the Pune police report is said to be true, the court may issue a notice to Rahul Gandhi to appear.


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