Small Onion Price Increased, Small Onion Price Increased in Nilgiris… People Shocked! – small onion price increased in nilgiris

Small Onion Price Increased Small Onion Price Increased in Nilgiris

The Nilgiris district is popular for tourism. The main industry here is tea cultivation. Certain vegetables grown in the hills are cultivated.
Vegetables such as small onions, big onions, tomatoes, eggplants, drumsticks, gourds and bitter gourds are brought from other districts and states and sold here.Plains vegetables
Also, vegetables grown in the plains are being sold at an additional price of Rs.5 to Rs.10 per kg in the Nilgiris.

There is no onion crop in the Nilgiri district. These will be brought here from outside district, Karnataka. As a result, onion prices are always slightly higher.

small onion
In this situation, the price of small onion has been increasing gradually for the last one week. It is sold at Rs.60 to Rs.80 per kg depending on the quality. Shopkeepers say the reduced supply of onions may further increase prices.

increase in price
Due to the high price, most people avoid buying chives. Big onions are also bought for cooking. Housewives and hotel owners are suffering due to this price hike.


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