So the whole thing is closa.. The central government has come to the point of selling BSNL assets.. What pass is this?

So the whole thing is closa The central government hasDelhi: The central government has announced the sale of assets including land owned by the state-run public sector telecommunication companies BSNL and MNTL, which has caused a great shock. This raises the question of how long BSNL is going to last.

Opposition parties continue to allege that the BJP government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not properly managing public sector enterprises and that the government is trying to privatize them. sold shares of public sector insurance company LIC to private individuals; As the central government took the decision to hand over the railway maintenance work to the private sector, the steps taken by the central government are moving towards privatisation. The opposition parties have been criticizing the BJP for this.

In particular, the central government has been constantly accused of neglecting the public sector telecommunication company BSNL. While private telecom companies like Airtel, Vodafone and Jio are introducing new technologies and offers to attract crores of customers, the central government’s giant PSU BSNL is at the tail end of this race.

In view of the situation, Neeraj Mittal, the Union Telecom Secretary, has now issued an announcement. It said, “In 2019, the Union Cabinet approved the revamping of public sector telecom companies BSNL and MNTL. The revamping process will include sale of assets including surplus land owned by these companies and monetization.

Accordingly, various surplus lands and buildings of BSNL are located across the country. Similarly, surplus assets of MNTL are located in Delhi and Mumbai. These properties including lands are located in prime areas. Hence it has been decided to sell these assets to the Government or other PSUs. Details of these assets are available on the website

So I request you to promote this website in a big way under your ministry. By doing so, the government and public sector organizations looking to purchase these assets can easily benefit, the circular said.

In this situation, the opposition parties are protesting against the central government’s decision to sell the assets of BSNL and MNTL. The general secretary of the Marxist Communist Party, Sitaram Yechury, has said in a post on his X site, “Modi is exploiting India’s national assets. This Modi must be removed for the good of India, that is, Bharat.”


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