Strange in UP: Rs 1000 fine for driving an Audi car without a helmet!

Chennai: An unprecedented incident has taken place in the state of Uttar Pradesh where a person was fined Rs 1,000 for driving a car without wearing a helmet.

Bahadur Singh Parihar from Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh is the president of a truckers union. A video of him driving a car with a helmet is going viral on social media. When we looked at why, it was revealed that he was fined 1000 rupees for driving an Audi car without wearing a helmet.

But it is said that he was not riding a two-wheeler and was driving his Audi car. Then when we see why this fine, according to the text message received by Bahadur Singh, it is reported that he was caught driving a two-wheeler without wearing a helmet, but he was driving his car.

Yes, even though the photo in the salan is a two-wheeler, the vehicle category says ‘motor car’. In this case, when the person approached the traffic police and informed the authorities about the wrong fine, they were told to wait till the end of the Lok Sabha elections.

Thus, what if he gets a fine again, he sticks the car by wearing a helmet to avoid the fine.


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