Successive shaking planes.. Then Singapore.. Now Qatar.. What will happen to the passengers??

A few days ago, a Singapore Airlines flight flew from London to Singapore. Then, the plane shook in mid-air as no one expected. Videos of the flight crew and passengers shaking with fear were also released. It is noteworthy that a 76-year-old man died in this incident.

While the impact of the incident on Singapore Airlines is no less, Qatar Airways is also facing a similar problem. Flight QR017 from Doha, Qatar to Dublin, Ireland, shook mid-air. However, the flight landed safely in Dublin. 12 people including 6 flight attendants were injured.

Dublin Airport authorities have confirmed the crash with X. In this report, “The plane of Qatar Airways company was flying over Turkey when the plane shook due to excessive wind. In this, six passengers and six flight staff were injured.”

Also, information has been given to the airport regarding the plane shaking in mid-air. Accordingly, police, fire and rescue personnel gathered at the airport and provided assistance to the injured passengers.

Incidents of aircraft shaking in mid-air have caused confusion and fear among passengers and crew.


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