Sweet like rasakula.. Hot like chili.. Sujitha suffocates in attractive dress..!

Actress Sujitha has been a popular actress on small screen television for a long time. He has acted in plays in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam languages.

He has also acted in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam films. Born in Chennai in 1983, actress Sujitha was interested in the film industry from an early age.

Cinema Desire:

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After that, it was her desire to become a heroine since then, but she started acting in TV serials because she didn’t get opportunities as a heroine. Later, TV companies continued to offer him opportunities.

Sujitha has also been acting since the start of the drama on Pothikai TV channel. In fact, Sujitha has been a serial actress who has continued to act in Tamil since the time when there was a thing called Natakam till now.

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Entry in Serial:

He made his debut in the year 1998 through the serial called Eru Naman Kathi. This serial aired on Bodhikai channel, followed by Sun TV’s serial Ganga Yamuna Saraswati, Sujitha played the role of Narmada.

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Then after 2001 he got opportunities to act in many serials. He has acted in serials in various TV channels like Vijay TV, Surya TV, Mega TV, Gemini TV, Kalainar TV.

Continued welcome:

Although she has mostly acted in Tamil and Malayalam serials, Sujitha has also acted in Telugu serials from time to time. So Sujitha has been a popular actress across South India even though she has not acted much on screen.

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Till now she is acting in dramas and currently she is acting in Telugu serial Geetanjali on Gemini TV. Similarly, the artist is also acting in a TV serial called Gauri.

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Amidst this, Sujitha is currently competing in the season of Cook with Komali which is aired on Vijay TV. The photos that he has published at present are very popular. And even after all these years, you can see through the photos that her beauty has not diminished a bit.


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