“Tamil taught humanity… Muslims who donated land to build Ganesha Temple!

In an environment where many people are separated due to caste and religion, the incident took place in Tirupur to show equality and brotherhood as all human beings are equal and all are brothers.

It is a very rare occurrence that another community gives the land needed to build a temple of a different religion. One such incident is taking place in Tirupur. More than 300 families are living in Ottapalayam-Rose Garden area next to Padiyur in Tirupur district. All the communities like Hindus and Muslims are living together in this area and there is a school gate for Muslims to pray in this area.

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But when the Hindu people did not have any temple to worship, the people who wanted to build a temple were in a dilemma of not knowing what to do in the situation where there is not enough space for it. Knowing this situation, the Muslims donated three cents of land worth six lakh rupees belonging to RMJ Rose Garden Muslim Jamaat Masjid in the area to build the temple.

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Following this, the construction of the temple has been started at that place and has now been completed. Today, while Kumbabhishekam is taking place, Muslims take 7 trays of items from the mosque and come in a procession to the temple to the sound of drums.

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At that time, the Hindu people gave an enthusiastic welcome to the Muslims. It is also worth noting that alms donation was also organized in the temple ceremony on behalf of the Muslims.


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