Targeting the parliamentary election, the presentation of the general candidate!

People like Wigneswaran are trying to use the general candidate issue to unite the left-wing groups in view of the parliamentary elections, EPTP media spokesperson Ayathurai Sirirangeswaran said.

He said this during the media conference held yesterday at the media center in Jaffna.

He continued to comment,

We are acting on the basis that by fielding a Tamil general candidate we can bring unity among the Tamil parties. Wigneswaran said that when we thought about what can be done to bring unity, they did not think at all about the political rights of the Tamil people and their economic development.

Instead, they seek to travel more out of their own interests. Through this, everyone should think about what kind of message they are telling the Tamil people.

Their views are aimed at the upcoming parliamentary elections in the guise of being a Tamil general candidate and their unprincipled, unprincipled political aimless spares away from the welfare of the country, the welfare of the people and the economic welfare.

All the parties ignore the interests of the people and act in favor of their own interests. They have no fixed policy. There is no fixed political goal.

It is clear from Wigneswaran’s statement that there is no guidance for the people.

That is why, if we consider the proportionality of this country, it is likely that people from the South, who are the majority race, will become the president.

Therefore, he said that EPTP considers the concept of general candidate as an act of uniting the divided parties and seeking political gains.


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