Terribly stepped on the chest.. Actress Varalakshmi broke the secret..!

Actress Varalakshmi is the daughter of the first wife of Supreme Star Sarathkumar, who is one of the leading actors in the Tamil film world.

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Successor actress Varalakshmi made her Tamil film debut in 2012 with the film Boda Bodi opposite actor Simbu.

Actress Varalakshmi..

After this, actress Varalakshmi, who has acted in many films, got fame with the film Thaarai Thapattai, released in 2016, which could reach among the fans.

After this, after not getting enough film opportunities in Tamil, he went to Akkad Desam and settled there and acted in pairs with many leading Telugu actors.

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Next, you may recall that she recently got engaged to Mumbai-based art gallerist Nikolai Sachdev in front of adults. Also, her engagement photos and videos appeared on the internet and went viral.

He stomped on the chest.

In a recent interview, actress Varalakshmi laughed and shared about the terrible experience that happened to her.

In that interview, I had said that Mithida was very emotional when she acted in the movie Thaarai Thapattai. However, in spite of that, he pressed and trampled me in that scene.

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Taking the slight crunch as I stepped on it, I assumed there must have been a fracture. However, I kept it in mind. After the shooting was over, I asked Bala sir if the shooting was over.

Not only did he smile and tell me that it was over, he also praised me by putting the chain he was wearing around his neck.

Broken secret..

Bala sir asked me why are you asking if the shooting is over now and as I was stepping on my collar, I got a beep like my phone broke.

So I said that I will go to the hospital and get tested.

After that, when I went to the hospital and was examined, my collar phone was broken. However, regardless of that, he shared that Bala sir has praised me for my performance among many people.

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This matter is currently going viral on the internet and Varalakshmi has been praised by everyone for breaking the secret of her broken collar bone by telling about the incident where she was trampled on the chest while acting in the film Tarai Thapattai.

And this matter has not only become a talking point among the fans but also a matter that has left everyone in awe.


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