‘That’s what mother said…’ ! Bad Cummins shared the shocking thing!

Pat Cummins: Hyderabad captain Pat Cummins has shared what his mother told him during the current Test season.

Pat Cummins, the new captain of Sunrisers Hyderabad in the IPL series, is leading his team well in this series. An example of that is that he has taken the Hyderabad team to the final in this series, which had not qualified for the final for 8 years.

He is an example for the Indian players who are captaining the other team in the IPL series as to which bowler to bowl at what time and where to field correctly. Now, in The Test Season 3, which is out on Amazon Prime, Pat Cummins shares the emotional words his mother told him in his life.

Fans are currently making it viral on the internet. His mother told him, “Go..face the world..someone is going to do some amazing things in this world..why not be you”. Also, Pat Cummins shares in the video that the word has lifted me up so much.

Now, Cummins is living up to the words of Pat Cummins’ mother a little bit these days. Earlier, he had won the World Test Championship final for the Indian team and lifted the trophy. After that he won the championship title as the captain in the 50 over world cup as well.

Also, he was part of the Australian team that won the T20 World Cup. Currently, Cummins is the captain of the world’s best T20 league series and has advanced to the finals in the first season. Fans are saying on the internet that Pat Cummins is fulfilling the words of his mother as he is a good son.


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