The dark actor who hunted the young actress.. the mother of the actress.. escaped after being chased..!

It is a healthy development that the affected actresses are speaking openly about the recovery complaints and adjustments that are currently increasing in the screen world.

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However, in this digital age, aren’t there ways to prevent violence against women? There are a few things that happen in the screen world that can be heard.

Young actress..

In this article, you can know in detail about the actress who has made adjustments to act in cinema and the story of how she ruined her mother by not leaving her with the actress.

The 19-year-old actress shared her bed for the film opportunity. This actress, who has only acted in a few films, is desperate to bring it.

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After this, it is said that when he spoke to the 62-year-old dark actor about this, he first asked his daughter to adjust.

Actress’s mother..

But he says that if his daughter is 19 years old then I will adjust till the shooting is over. He has begged me to give an introduction to my daughter.

The dark actor has an insatiable desire for the young actress who looks like a 25-year-old woman despite being 19 years old.

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Keeping this in mind I will give your daughter a chance for you. But without any other way to ask the dark actor without shyness that your daughter should adjust me only once, the mother also made her daughter understand and adjusted the actor.

The dark actor who hunted both of them..

The young actress started talking against her mother and decided to marry her boyfriend asking her to give him the money she earned.

After this, the daughter thought that she had no other business to do this and transferred the property in her name.

Also, he is brainwashed that only if you make adjustments, you will get a chance and it will not come anyway.

At one point, the actress lost her patience, filed a case against her mother and married her boyfriend and settled down.

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With the recent interview of the actress who is currently acting in a serial, such heiress actresses, award ceremony and big heroes are making crores.

Everyone is shocked to see why you are acting in serials like that and he replied that he is happy and relieved even if he buys a thousand rupees.

This is the thing that is currently going viral on the internet and people are talking about the dark actor’s work done stealthily and the paid mother accordingly.


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