The director invited Nayanthara to bed.. The startling secret that came out..!

The adjustment problem that happens to actresses in cinema is whether it is a star actress or a successor actress or a budding actress without any background.

Want a photo opportunity? They tell you before the audition that if you make adjustments, they will give you a good chance.

Actress Nayanthara:

Not only that, they even keep it as an option in the audition. If they tick ok or not for the adjustment, they will get opportunities as per the adjustment.

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If not, you have to go back as fast as you came. Actresses who have experienced this are coming forward and speaking openly in interviews, which is seen as a traumatic matter.

That’s how actress Nayanthara, who is a star actress and lady superstar in Tamil cinema, has said in a recent interview that she too is being harassed and tortured.

Did Nayanthara herself have such a problem? As emerging actresses are speechless.

Hostess to Heroine:

Actress Nayanthara started her career as an anchor in a local channel in Kerala and got a film opportunity through it.

She made her debut in Tamil cinema by acting as the heroine in the Tamil film Aiya starring Sarathkumar.

The first film gave her a good introduction and recognition and in her second film Chandramukhi opposite superstar Rajinikanth was a huge success.

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Actress Nayanthara, who has been acting in several successful films in a row, has retained the title of Lady Superstar, which is gaining popularity among her fans.

Meanwhile, she is seen as a hugely successful actress in Bollywood cinema, acting opposite Shah Rukh Khan in the movie Jawaan.

She has been the leading actress of Bollywood by focusing on successive films.

Called to bed for filming:

In this situation, actress Nayanthara who is talking about the torture of adjustment, in terms of the film industry, everyone has to make adjustments to get opportunities for actresses.

He shocked me by telling the true story that that incident happened to me too. Yes, in the beginning I will be playing an important role in my film. A director directly asked me that you have to adjust for that.

One such person asked to act in a big actor’s film. Right away, I have a lot of confidence in my abilities.

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So I boldly told him directly that I cannot do such things. Nayanthara said that after that, I continued to try and I am in such a good place today.

If such a situation has happened to actress Nayanthara, who is a star in Tamil cinema, what about ordinary actresses? As fellow actresses have lamented about the adjustment.


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