The massacre that shocked Nellie.! Relatives agree to receive Deepak Raja’s body.

No paddy: Relatives of Deepak Raja, who was murdered in Nella on May 20, have today agreed to buy his body. 8 people have been arrested in this murder case.

Deepak Raja hails from Vagaikulam near Moondaippu in Tirunelveli district. Various criminal cases are reportedly pending against Deepak Raja, a supporter of Devendragula Velalar Federation founder Pashupati Pandian, who was murdered in 2012, including murder cases.

In such an environment, on the 20th, when Deepak Raja came out with his girlfriend from a restaurant on the Nellai – Tiruchendur road in the KDC Nagar area of ​​Nellai, a mysterious gang hacked Deepak Raja in broad daylight. Deepak Raja died on the spot.

The Balayankot police have registered a case regarding this gruesome murder and formed 6 special forces to search for the culprits. It has been reported that 8 people including Lt Murugan and Naveen have been arrested so far.

After 7 days, the relatives of Deepak Raja said that they will not take the body of Deepak Raja until the real culprits are found.

Following this, Deepak Raja’s body, which has been kept at the Nellai Government Medical College Hospital after the post-mortem examination, has been received by his relatives and it is said that his body will be cremated today. Due to this, from Nellai Government Hospital to Moonrappu area, the police have been concentrated in the entire Nellai city on security duty.


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