The person touched inappropriately at that place.. Check out the answer given by the Vijay TV actress..!

Like movies, small screen serials are getting huge popularity among people today and the actresses acting in those serials have got name and fame.

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In that way, there is no need to say much about Anjali Bhaskar, who is acting in Shaktivel serial which is being aired on Vijay TV. Many people have praised his performance in this series.

Actress Anjali Bhaskar..

The Shaktivel serial which is currently airing on Vijay TV is one of the favorite serials of most of the housewives and it is a popular serial among the fans every day to increase the TRP rate.

Actress Anjali Bhaskar, who is acting in this serial, said in a recent interview that she has never faced any adjustment problem till now and it has gone viral on the internet.

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The reason for this is that an incident happened in his life like in the movies, he has explained in detail what happened.

Person who touched inappropriately..

Talking about this incident, men are used to teasing women while they are on the bus.

In that way I also come from a troubled family. Once when I was traveling in a bus I had a similar bad experience.

In that experience a middle-aged man groped me inappropriately. However, no one bothered about it and they just went about their business.

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After this I got angry and punched the person. The person also got down without saying anything.

But Anjali Bhaskar has expressed concern that even the women in the bus did not come to support me.

Answer by Anjali Bhaskar..

Anjali Bhaskar also said that it is surprising that women do not come to support women while speaking and has recorded the opinion that no women helped her at that time.

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After this, this matter is now going viral on the internet and even today they are saying that no amount of talking will solve the miseries that happen in buses.

So you may have had similar experiences. Fans are now sharing such experiences with their friends.

Also, they have supported the answer given by the Vijay TV actress about the inappropriate touching of the person at that place.


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