The problem with the government school free uniforms.. Students are disappointed… Time for the next 30 days!

Free uniform and textbooks for students studying in government schools in the state of Karnataka. Shoes are provided. As preparations for the academic year 2024-25 are in full swing, free uniforms and textbooks have been sent to school education department godowns in every district.

Preparations for the opening of schools

Free quality uniforms

In this case, there is an allegation that the uniforms sent to 6 districts in North Karnataka are not of good quality. This is clearly mentioned in the report filed by the Central Silk Technology Research Institute. It is imperative to replace these immediately and get quality uniforms. In Karnataka, all schools open on May 28, the end of summer vacation.

School Education Department letter

Due to this, sufficient progress is being made in school campuses. In that way, the work of preparing the free uniforms given to male and female students has been accelerated. This is where the problem arises. A letter has been written on behalf of the State School Education Department to the Department of Industry and Commerce regarding substandard school uniforms.

30 days period

It is seen that the students cannot use the uniforms. So it should be replaced immediately. It has been asked to complete all the activities to replace the uniforms in the next 30 days. School uniforms should be properly inspected for quality before dispatch and after delivery.

Supply of quality uniforms

It should be followed properly every year. Disappointing delivery of substandard uniforms this time is reported. Regarding this issue, School Education Department Principal Secretary Ritesh Kumar Singh said that the uniform for school boys and girls should be made of 30 percent cotton and 70 percent polyester.

Too much polyester

But the allegedly shoddy uniform is made of 90 percent polyester. These are stocked in godowns of all districts. Arrangements have been made to replace these, he said. Schools will open in two days. Therefore, the students of the above 6 districts have to wait for a few weeks for the new uniform.


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