The Seven Hills are very busy.. but the Devasthanam has decided to act for the people who come for free darshan!

The Seven Hills are very busy but the Devasthanam has

For the past few days, a large number of devotees have been flocking to the Tirupati Eyumalayan temple. From free darshan to ticketed grand darshan, the crowds are overwhelming.

Devotees wait for many hours to visit Tirupati’s seven mountain idol. In that way, the Devasthanam has taken a drastic decision by announcing a ban on darshan through recommendation letters (VIP darshan) on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays till June 30 due to the crowd of devotees in Tirupati.

Summer vacation is given in schools and colleges. In this situation, the number of devotees coming to have darshan of Swami at Tirupati Eyumalayan temple is continuously increasing. According to this, about 70,668 devotees visited Perumal on a single day yesterday.

Apart from that, around 38,036 people have donated their hair. The offerings paid by the devotees in the bank were also counted on the night of the 23rd. Out of which ₹3.64 crore was received as donation in a single day. As of yesterday (25th) morning, all the rooms in the Vaikundam Q complex were filled with devotees, and it was about 3 km to the Sila Thoranam. A long line of devotees waited for darshan.

They have been waiting for about 20 hours to have darshan of seven mountain elephants. However, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, devotees have to wait in line for several hours to have darshan.

Therefore, VIP darshan on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays till June 30 has been canceled and ordered so that devotees can have darshan of Swami as soon as possible in free darshan. It is noteworthy that the Tirupati Devasthanam also issued a report on this.


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