The strange new desire of the one who turned himself into a dog! Is all this necessary for the netizens acting as Kumaru!

The strange new desire of the one who turned himself

Toko from Japan who transformed himself into a dog a few months ago. He is very fond of animals. In that way, as he wanted to look like a dog, he designed an original dog-like dress by famous fashion designers and walked around the country wearing it.

His videos then went viral on social media. It is also worth noting that Dogo spent around 12 lakh rupees on the design of this dog-like outfit.

In this case, new desires are coming to Togo. He thinks that being like a dog is enough and he wants to change himself like some other animals next, he told the Japanese media. Then Togo said, “Dogs and humans have different skeletal systems. Dogs look very different from humans in terms of how they bend their legs and arms.

So walking like a dog is very difficult. I am currently researching ways to make my arms and legs look like dogs. Usually when dogs are dirty, dirt is deposited on their fur. It takes a lot of work to clean it.

So I want to change from a dog to a different animal. I especially like to be in the form of these animals like panda or bear, fox, cat… Especially, cat and fox are small in size. So, they say it is not possible. In that way, I will definitely transform from dog form and fulfill my wish,” says Togo.

On one side of the criticism that this strange man is doing this to become viral, some people say that he is spending so many lakhs of rupees unnecessarily.


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