There is no bathroom facility.. I urinated in it.. Kajal Aggarwal openly said without shyness..!

Kajal Aggarwal made her debut as an actress in Ho Gaya Na in 2004 and rose to fame with the Telugu film Lakshmi Kalyanam in 2007.

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After this, the movie Magadheera, released in 2009, not only gave her a huge reach among fans, but also made her one of the most popular actresses in the world.

Actress Kajal Aggarwal..

She made her debut as an actress in the Tamil film industry in 2008 in the movie Vanda Palani starring Bharat and impressed the hearts of the fans.

In 2008, he acted in films like Saroja, Pommalattam and in 2009, he acted in the film Moti Pardagu. Apart from that, he got the best name by acting in the movie Naan Mahaan Alla in 2010.

She is married to her longtime friend Gautham Kichulu and has become a mother to a baby boy while she is acting famously in the film world.

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Now she will be acting in Kamal Haasan starrer Indian 2. He has also acted in films like Paris Paris, Madaka Raja Party.

No bathroom facility..

Kajal Aggarwal’s Telugu film Sathyabhama is slated to release on May 31 and Kajal is busy promoting the film.

After this, in a recent interview, after sharing about the difficult experience that happened during the shooting, all the fans were shocked to hear this.

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This is because he has openly responded to the worst thing that happened in the bathroom in public and made everyone think.

I just urinated here Open Doc..

Thus, one of the major wonders of the shooting in Jordan was that the song scenes were filmed in the Tetra, where there was no bathroom.

And it was far from where the shooting took place. There was an urgent need to urinate. He has openly spoken about what I am doing and spent his natural life in a cemetery there.

Like this, many actresses are struggling without bathroom facilities while shooting in public. What Kajal Aggarwal said is spreading fast on the internet.

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Many people who have heard this have said that there is a chance to get out of the problem by talking about the important celebrities of the film industry.

In this digital age where civilization and science are growing, it is necessary to improve those facilities considering that there is no such facility in public areas for taking the bathroom.


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