This is the tressa you wear at the age of 20..? Kamal Reel’s daughter Esther Aneul is the ultimate glamour..!

It is a matter of shock to many Tamil cinema fans when many girls whom they saw as children suddenly become great actresses.

That’s how actress Esther Anil made her debut in the cinema as a child star and is currently keeping fans in awe. Esther started acting in films at the age of 10. He made his debut as a child star in the movie Nallavan.

esther anil 3

He acted in that movie and got some reception. After that, he continued to act in Malayalam films such as One Day, Dr. Love, The Metro, etc. Initially he had a large market in Malayalam.

Opportunity in Tamil:

In 2013, she acted as a child star in the movie Drushiyam starring Mohanlal and Meena. The movie Trishyam got him a lot of recognition.

esther anil 1

Because Drushiyam was the most talked about movie in India. The film was later remade in Tamil as Papanasam. It starred Kamal Haasan and Gautami in the lead roles in Tamil.

Outstanding Performance by:

Even when it was made in Tamil, the role of the daughter was played by Esther Aayul. His acting in both Malayalam and Tamil was excellent. Her performance made everyone wonder how this girl can act like this at such a young age.

esther anil 4

Following this, it can be said that he got some reception in the cinema. Esther Aayul has reached the age of 21 years now. So she has started working to become the next heroine.

To become a heroine:

Esther Aayul has got all the qualities of a heroine to the point where one wonders if she is the same girl she saw as a little girl.

esther anil 2

Esther Aneel, who is constantly posting photos to gain popularity on social media, is currently becoming more viral.

Esther Aayul has been posting photos like actresses who have been in the cinema for many years. At this stage these are becoming hugely viral.


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