This is very important in cinema.. Late actress Soundarya open talk..!

Actress Soundarya, who has won the hearts of fans by acting in some films in the South Indian screen world, was introduced to the Tamil screen world by acting in the film Ponnumani.

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A native of Karnataka state, his entry into the film industry was easy for him as his father was a film writer and producer.

Actress Soundarya..

In the world of Tamil cinema, he has acted in films like Arunachalam, Padayappa, Valandana Valandana, Thavasi, Chokkathangam, which are still popular among the fans.

After this, she died in a plane crash in 2004.

This is important in cinema..

Recently, the video of actress Soundarya’s speech is becoming viral on the internet. In this video he says that charisma is very important to act in movies.

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Today’s actresses have made a name for themselves by dressing attractively and acting not only on the internet but also in films.

In that way, in those days there were some actresses who were attractive actresses just to show attractiveness. But the actresses who could play the heroines would not have shown much charm.

Late actress open talk..

Because of this actress Soundarya’s charisma is very important for the movie. The idea that there is nothing wrong in showing charm if necessary to satisfy those who can spend two and a half hours in theaters for paying any amount of money is spreading fast.

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Apart from that, the film industry is an attractive industry and attractiveness acts as one of the most important factors to stay in the industry and get repeat film opportunities.

So the deceased actress Soundarya’s very clear statement that acting attractively is not wrong has been well received by the fans.

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If you want to watch this video, you can watch it by clicking on the link below.

Not only is it surprising that despite the death of actress Soundarya, she still has tens of thousands of fans, and the films she acted in then are still among the most popular films among fans.


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