This is why I showed my pregnant belly.. Netizens blasting Farina Azad..!

When actress Farina Azad was asked about her pregnancy photos, you will be shocked to see the response that netizens gave to the question.

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Motherhood is considered very important as far as women are concerned. Through this the idea of ​​womanhood being perfected is strong.

Farina Azad..

Farina Azad is a host on the small screen and has worked in television channels like Vijay TV, Sun TV, Zee Tamil, Raj TV and has made a place for herself among the fans.

Everyone has praised him after seeing his stylish anchoring in TV shows like Kitchen Galata, Anjaraipetti, Kollywood and Soreel.

Apart from acting as an anchor, she surprised everyone by making her debut as an actress in Sun TV’s serial called Aagu.

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Apart from that, he played the negative character role of Star Vijay in Bharati Kannamma, serial and took a place in the heart of the fans.

After this, he has acted in Nachiyarpuram, Super Amma, Bharti Kannamma 2 Bodura serials and has participated in many programs as a special guest.

Is this why I showed my pregnant belly?

Recently, the trend of taking pregnancy photoshoots has spread across the country. There is no one else who planted the seeds for this. Our village is serial actresses.

When they are pregnant, they pose with their entire belly visible and publish it on the web pages, creating a desire for pregnant women to take such photos.

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There was a recent discussion on this on Neeya Nana. In that discussion, young women were questioned on the side of the older women as to why they were posting photos showing their pregnant bellies.

They questioned actress Farina Azad who was sitting on the support side. Actress Azad replied, I am going to get pregnant only once. Will I get pregnant again? Or not? I don’t know that.

Vlasam Netizens..

So I take this photo for my baby to look at and enjoy as a memory. He questioned what is your problem with this.

After that one of the old women sitting on the opposite side said nothing wrong with you. What I am asking is, why are you taking a picture of your stomach and showing it to the town?

Farina 4

You take a picture and keep it with you. Who said no. He raised the question why are you showing it to the town?

This question is somewhat unexpected actresses Farina Asad was unable to answer. As well as Farina Fans are blasting Azad after hearing this answer.

This matter is currently going viral on the internet and has become a talking point among fans.


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