Titanium plate in shoulder… 40 days rest.! Update given by Durai Vaiko!

Waco: His son Durai Vaiko has posted on social media that MDMK founder Vaiko is doing well after surgery.

On May 25 (Saturday), MDMK founder Vaiko injured his shoulder after falling at his brother’s house in Nellai. He was immediately admitted to a nearby private hospital and later flown from Thoothukudi to Chennai for further treatment.

It was earlier reported that Vigo, who was admitted to Chennai Appallo Hospital, will undergo a minor surgery on his shoulder today. Prior to the surgery, Vaiko said via video that he was fine. Also, I will come with full health. No one should be afraid of being able to function as before. Waiting to render services to Tamil Nadu. He had said that he would come in perfect health.

After that, now that the treatment is over, MDMK General Secretary Durai Vaiko mentioned about the health of his father Vaiko on his social media page. In it, Vigo’s surgery went well. He is said to be fine.

Also, movement leader Vigo had a successful surgery just before. Doctors said the leader is fine. The leader’s left shoulder was broken in three places. Now they have a titanium plate to fix it. After 40 days of rest the operated shoulder will heal and return to normal.

Vigo has undergone a fracture surgery and doctors have told him that no visitors are allowed for a week to avoid any infections. Therefore, Durai Vaiko has posted on his social media page that he would like to ask the members of the association and well-wishers to refrain from coming to meet President Vaiko and cooperate.


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