Tourists are prohibited from bathing in Theni Suruli Falls! Forestry intensive monitoring!

Tourists are prohibited from bathing in Theni Suruli Falls Forestry

Theni Suruli Waterfall:

Due to the increase in water flow in the famous Suruli waterfall in Theni district, the forest department has banned tourists from taking a bath, and the forest department is actively monitoring the situation.

It has been raining continuously for the past few days in various districts of Tamil Nadu due to which the water bodies including dams and ponds have dried up and the flow of water in the rivers has increased due to which a flood warning has been issued to the coastal people.

Increase in water flow in waterfalls also:

Not only this, the water flow is increasing in all the waterfalls and sudden floods are occurring.

Increase in flow to Suruli Falls:

In that way, the water flow is also increasing in Suruli Falls, a popular tourist spot near Kampam in Theni district. Due to the heavy rains in Theni for the past few days, the water flow to Suruli Falls has increased.

Intensive monitoring by forest department:

Due to this there is a risk of flooding and scientific tourists are prohibited from bathing. And the forest department is also engaged in intensive monitoring work.

Similarly, tourists have been banned from bathing in Meghamalai Falls, another popular tourist destination in Theni district. Due to this the tourists coming to Theni are disappointed.


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