TTV Dhinakaran Condemn On Kerala Govt Try To Build New Dam In Mullaperiyar : New Dam in Mullaperiyar..? Opposition to Kerala

TTV Dhinakaran Condemn On Kerala Govt Try To Build NewThe Kerala government has made efforts to build a new dam below the Mullai Periyar dam at a cost of one thousand crore rupees. It has been reported that the Kerala Government’s application to the Central Government’s Environmental Expert Assessment Committee for the study boundaries for the preparation of the Environmental Impact Statement is to be considered on the 28th.

Condemning this, in a statement released by AAMK General Secretary TTV Dhinakaran, “Since the DMK came to power in Tamil Nadu in 2021, in every session of the Kerala State Legislative Assembly, it has created an environment where it is demanding environmental clearance without the consent of the Tamil Nadu government as a result of its laxity in facing the stubborn announcement of the state government that it will build a new dam in Mulla Periyar.” criticized that.

Dhinakaran pointed out that the central committee which periodically inspects the strength of the Mulla Periyar dam has confirmed that it is in an unsafe condition and the Kerala government is trying to build a new dam and demolish the existing dam. There is a risk of questioning the livelihood of the people and farmers of 5 districts namely Theni, Madurai, Sivagangai, Dindigul and Ramanathapuram. He also accused.

He said that the DMK government, which refuses to register even a condemnation of the action of the Kerala government, raised the water level of the Mulla Periyar dam to 142 feet by raising the water level of Mulla Periyar dam to 142 feet.

Further, “The DMK government should realize that the welfare of the people and the rights of the state are more important than corporate dharma.” Dhinakaran urged Chief Minister M.K.Stalin to stop the new dam construction initiative of the Kerala government at the initial stage and establish the statehood along with the livelihood of the people of Southern district.


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