Vaiko Health Update Vaiko Broken Bone in Left Shoulder: How is He Now?

Vaiko was staying in Tirunelveli when he slipped and fell inside the house and sustained a serious injury on his left shoulder. He underwent surgery today for what was said to be broken bones.

His son and MDMK general secretary said that he is doing well now after the surgery Durai Vaiko has told.

In a statement issued by him in this regard, he said, “President Vigo’s surgery went well. The leader is fine..!

Father of the movement, leader Vaiko, had a successful operation just before. Doctors said the leader is fine. The leader’s left shoulder was broken in three places. Now they have a titanium plate to fix it. After forty days of rest the operated shoulder will heal and return to normal.

The doctors have said that no visitors are allowed for a week to avoid any infections as the president has undergone a fracture surgery.

Therefore, I kindly request members of the club and well-wishers to refrain from coming to meet the president and cooperate.”
A video of Vaiko speaking before the operation was released. In it, “This Vaiko, who is an ordinary philanthropist doing public service in Tamil Nadu, has walked approximately 7 thousand kilometers. Never fell down. But when I went to Tirunelveli four days ago, instead of climbing the stairs in the house where I was staying, I went to the nearby paddy field. Then I stumbled and fell.

If I had been hit in the head or spine I would not have been able to run. Fortunately the left shoulder was injured and fractured. I checked with a doctor in Tirunelveli and on his advice I left for Chennai immediately for treatment. No need to fear; do not worry. You need rest. The doctors said that the rest is now available. I am going to have surgery today at Apollo hospital. The shoulder bone is broken two centimeters.

I’m fine. I am in full health. Don’t let anyone doubt that I can run like I used to. The artist himself has said that I am a grammarian for labour.

I say to all those who are interested in public life, I am looking forward to doing the services that need to be done in Tamil Nadu. I would like to express my gratitude to the souls who are worried about me that I will come back with full health and well-being,” he said.


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