Vigo underwent surgery at Apollo Hospital, Chennai

Madhyamik General Secretary Vaikoto Fracture of the shoulder In case, he is for treatment Chennai Apollo has been admitted to the hospital.

Madhyamik Kanyakumari District Secretary Vetrivel’s daughter to Vaiko to participate in the wedding ceremony Saturday (May 25) Tirunelveli came. KalingapattiThat night while staying at his house in Unexpectedly tripped and fell, He suffered a fracture in his right shoulder.

After this, As per doctors instructionsSunday morning to undergo surgery By flight from Thoothukudi to ChennaiVigo came to

Vaiko, who is currently undergoing treatment at Chennai Apollo Hospital, A minor surgery is to be performedThere are also reports that Vigo will be in the hospital for 2 or 3 days after the operation.

In this case, many political parties are also Vaiko Soon To get health They congratulated.

PMK Chairman In a press release issued by RamadossKalingapatti suffered a fall on the right shoulder Madhyamik general secretary Vaiko in Chennai hospital for fracture surgery to be done. Vaiko was soon fully recovered get I express my desire to continue political workHe said.


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