Vijay gave a pleasant surprise to the captain’s family! If only this happened, it would be different!

Chennai : As a pleasant surprise to the Vijayakanth family, reports have surfaced that Vijay has poisoned himself.

Vijayakanth helped actor Vijay by playing a small role in ‘Shendoorabandi’ when he was struggling in his early screen career. Due to Vijayakanth’s acting, this film also got a good reception and Vijay’s name was also known at that time. Apart from this, there is a good relationship between the Vijay family and the Vijayakanth family.

In this case, even though Captain Vijayakanth is gone, Vijay is going to endear him to the people in his movie Kot through AI. The film is being directed by Venkat Prabhu and the team is going to bring Vijayakanth in a cameo role through AI. For this, Vijayakanth’s wife Premalatha has not only given her consent but has also been doing many things.

There were already reports that Premalatha had said that she was fine after watching Vijayakanth’s appearance in the film Kot. After this, there is a surprising information that Vijay did something to give a pleasant surprise to the Vijayakanth family.

Recently, Vijay reached out to Vijayakanth’s family. Then Vijaykanth’s son Shanmugapandiyan can you post the teaser of the movie ‘Chairman’ in which Vijay is acting on your twitter account? He asked. And tell me when will the music launch of Vijay Ithla Kekku be held.

Say definitely I will visit the music launch party. The web chat also informed that Vijay will visit the music launch party of the Chieftain in July. Fans who have seen this information are saying that this is the only thing that has happened.


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