Virat Kohli must leave RCB to win trophy – Kevin Pietersen !!

Chennai : Virat Kohli deserves to win the trophy, says Kevin Pietersen in an interview with StarSports.

Bengaluru lost to Rajasthan in the eliminator match of the IPL series on May 22 and exited the IPL series. 17 times in the IPL series a team has tried to win the IPL trophy and 10 times it has reached the playoffs and exited. Also, it failed to win the trophy despite reaching the finals 2 times.

Especially in Bengaluru team Virat Kohli will play with full commitment for his team every time and in every match. However, the team and the IPL trophy remain without a star. Currently, the former captain of the England cricket team, Kevin Pietersen, spoke about this during yesterday’s eliminator match.

He said, “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, greats in other sports leave teams to seek glory. Here Virat Kohli has tried his hardest to win the orange cap and RCB has failed again. He can leave the team and play for another team.

Actually I think it should be the Delhi team. Virat’s destination is Delhi. I know he has a house in Delhi. He has a young family there. He spends a lot of time in Delhi, he was born in Delhi ..why can’t he go to Delhi?

I think it’s time for Virat to think long and hard. “You see in football, Beckham left the team and went to another team, Ronaldo left and went to another team, Messi left and went to another team, and Delhi team should go to Delhi,” Pietersen said in Star Sports of yesterday’s IPL match.


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