Voting machines with BJP’s name on them! Trinamool Congress allegation of sensationalism.!

West Bengal: The Trinamool Congress alleged that a note with BJP’s name was attached to the voting machine. The State Election Commission has explained it.

Polling for the 6th phase of Parliament has started from 7 am today. Voting is taking place today in a total of 58 constituencies in 8 states. The Trinamool Congress party has made a sensational allegation while the election is going on today in 8 constituencies in West Bengal.

Today, the Trinamool Congress has alleged that BJP’s name was attached to it like a tag in 5 electronic voting machines that were brought to vote in Raghunathpur area polling station in Bankura, West Bengal today.

In response to this allegation, the Election Commission submitted that during the election process, the voting machine will be tested and a common tag will be signed by the candidates and their agents. The Election Commission of West Bengal explained that as only the representative of the BJP candidate was present in the commission hall during the testing of the particular voting machines, his signature was recorded during the testing of the EVM and VVPAT.


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