What are the voting arrangements in Tamil Nadu?

What are the voting arrangements in Tamil Nadu

There is only one phase left for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, which the entire country is waiting for. The last phase of voting will be held on June 1. Thereafter, the votes cast in all the 7 phases will be counted on Tuesday, June 4. Arrangements for this have been accelerated in all states.

Counting of votes

At present, the electronic voting machines are sealed and properly monitored at the counting centers. On the morning of June 4, the seal will be broken and the counting of votes will begin. As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, more than 68 thousand polling booths were set up in 39 constituencies and votes were registered.

Election Commission arrangements

In this case, Tamil Nadu Chief Electoral Officer Satyapratha Chagu met the media regarding the counting of votes. Speaking then, 38,500 people will be involved in the counting of votes on June 4. Another 4,500 micro-supervisors will be employed.

Initial training intensity

10,000 employees and 24,000 assistants will be involved in providing assistance including transporting electronic voting machines on the day of counting of votes. They are currently being given initial training. The second phase of training will be conducted on the day of counting of votes. Votes will be counted at a total of 3,300 tables.

Video recording and announcement of results

Counting of votes at each table will be video recorded. Election officials will monitor these live. Therefore, the election results will be announced in each round as per the relevant guidelines, said Satyapratha Sahu. Earlier, Election Commission of India’s Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar held a meeting with all state Chief Election Officers through video conferencing.

Advised by Rajeev Kumar

Then he highlighted the steps to be taken on the day of counting of votes, the staff to be engaged, security arrangements and the procedures for announcing the results. There should not be any problem in the counting of votes. He asked the election officials to be vigilant accordingly.


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