What Jayalalitha said after watching Padayappa movie..! KS Ravikumar broke the secret..!

Paydayappa movie with Super Star was super duper hit. Ramya Krishnan’s performance as Neelambari in this film was highly appreciated.

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KS Ravikumar, the director of this film, has created a sensation among the fans by telling in detail and explanation what Jayalalithaa said about this movie Paydayappa, which accumulated a lot of money.


The film Padayappa was designed to portray the normal condition of women from two different angles. Ramya Krishnan’s performance in the character of Neelambari was highly praised.

The reason for this is the zeal of the character to achieve what he wants, the pride that he will always win, all these can be attributed to the popularity of the character among the fans.

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KS Ravikumar has shared that CM J Jayalalitha, who ruled Tamil Nadu that day, watched this movie at home and appreciated the Neelambari character.

What Jayalalithaa said..

Apart from that, it was Jayalalitha Ammaiyar who was popularly known as the Ion Lady who was responsible for the creation of this character. KS Ravikumar made it clear that he was the inspiration for this character.

In this case, Ramya Krishnan, who played the character of Neelambari maturely, was very appreciable and said that she had done that character in a very good way and also said that Neelambari is the highlight of this film.

KS Ravikumar broke the secret..

After this, this matter is now spreading virally on the internet and has also become a talking point among the fans.

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And the fans are in the peak of surprise knowing that the Neelambari character was created by Jayalalithaa.

No one will deny that no matter how long it takes, the screen world will talk about Neelambari as a character.


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