What sir.. is Seeman also going for alliance.. the question that came up.. Bussy Anand said one word

What sir is Seeman also going for alliance the questionChennai: While there are unofficial reports that actor Vijay’s Tamil Nadu Vetri Kazhagam and Seeman’s Naam Tamilar Katchi are going to form an alliance, Thaveka General Secretary Bussy Anand has commented on the related question.

It is said that more than one crore people have joined the Tamil Nadu hit club which was recently launched by actor Vijay. Following this, Vijay is strengthening his party organizationally. As in big parties, he has formed separate teams like student team, women team, lawyers team, youth team and appointed leaders and other responsible persons for them. Vijay, who has said that he will contest in the 2026 assembly elections, is currently working to strengthen the party booth-wise.

Within a few months of the party’s inception, big parties like DMK and AIADMK have been watching with glee as more than one crore people joined the party and actor Vijay entered politics in full swing.

Apart from this, Seeman, who had been criticizing actor Vijay’s party when it started, has now changed his tone. Initially criticizing actors entering politics as a bane of Tamil Nadu, Seeman is now word-for-word saying that Vijay is his brother and welcomes his political entry. Also, when reporters recently asked Seeman whether he would form an alliance with Vijay, Seeman said, “If Vijay decides to stand by his brother, who can stop him? I’m waiting.”

Seeman’s speech caused a stir in Tamil Nadu’s political arena. Following this, reports also surfaced that Seeman and Vijay met secretly and discussed the alliance. Due to this, unofficial information is coming out that there will be an alliance between Naam Tamils ​​and Thaveka in the 2026 assembly elections.

In this case, on the occasion of Vijay’s birthday, the administrators of the Tamil Nadu Victory Club distributed food to the poor and needy across Tamil Nadu. In that way, the General Secretary of the T.V.C. Bussy Anand participated in this program in Chennai. A reporter who was there then questioned, “What sir.. Seeman is saying that we will form an alliance of Tamils ​​with the Tamil Nadu Victory League..” Bussi Anand, who did not expect this question, blurted out, “I have already told you…any decision related to the party will be taken by the leader (Vijay). He will also take decisions on alliance matters.” As a follow-up to this, is he saying that he started the Vijay party because of Seeman,” Bussy Anand left without giving any answer.


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