When it comes to women, why do you look at that part only.. Hostess Archana Naruk..!

VJ Archana is a popular host on Tamil TV. He was seen as a famous host in almost 2000 years.

In 1999, Archana started her career as a host on Jaya TV.

After that, in the year 2000, it can be said that he became famous to the people of Tamil Nadu in a show called Comedy Time broadcast on Sun TV.

vj archana 1

Host Archana:

He used to host many shows continuously. Especially for about 7 years, he anchored the programs Comedy Time and Youth Innovation and became a popular anchor.

Archana was seen as a VJ of that time as a modern woman with such beauty and style.

Meanwhile, PJ Archana, who had not returned to the media side for a few years as a married child, again started her career in Vijay TV through the show “Khalakpovatu Yaru” which was aired in 2008.

A journey of 25 years:

Through that, she worked as a host on small screen channels. Thus, her hosting journey has continued for the past 25 years.

She used to be a famous host for speaking her bold opinions and interviewing celebrities.

Archana, who has been hosting shows on Zee Tamil TV for the past few years, is successfully hosting Sarigamappa Season 3.

vj archana 2

His daughter Sarah is also a popular host. In a recent interview, VJ Archana spoke openly about the injustices happening to women.

That is, if a woman comes wearing a t-shirt, men want to put their hands on her.

Looking at that female organ:

I wear sleeveless when I host the show. That would be fine with me. But sleeveless is when you hear those kinds of words. I stopped wearing t-shirts.

Bad word to say about women anywhere. They only refer to the organ between their legs.

Why do men always see a woman only from there? We all come to the outside world from that place.

But the fact that they are talking bad about the place makes me feel very disgusted and sad,” Archana said.


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