Who was the poet who wrote in his stead?

Even if a song written by another poet is a big hit, While the author of the song is not popular, A fact not many people know is that Kannadasan had expressed his appreciation for those songs.

Aatukkara Alamelu was a 1977 film scripted and produced by Chinnappa Devar. Sivakumar, The film co-starred Sripriya and featured a goat in the lead role. Further, Jai Ganesh, Suruli Rajan, Ashoka, Shankar – Ganesh composed the music for this film, which starred Nagesh and others. Mara wrote all the songs for the film.

All the songs of the film were well received by the fans. Specifically,”Cotton pickerThe song is still popular among fans. Starting with the pallavi, the first stanza and the second stanza are well written by Mara. A romantic song between Sivakumar, an estate tycoon, and Sripriya, a goatherd. Sung together by DM Soundirarajan and B. Suseela, this song is still fresh today.

During the preparation of this film, Kaviarasar Kannadasan was not in good health. Then the producer of the film asked Mara to write a song. Kavyarasar Kannadasan heard these songs, He congratulated Mara that you are writing well like me. Although I don’t know how many people remember the movie Atukakkara Alamelu, This song is still loved by many people even today.


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