Who will form the government in the middle? Lok Sabha election results to be released today

India General Election Result live updates: of Parliament 543 Votes recorded for the Lok Sabha constituencies in the recently concluded elections today (June 4) Counted and results announced. morning 8 Counting starts atKuis

Lok Sabha elections across the country were last April 19, 26, May 7, 13, 20, 25 and June 1 on the dates 7 gradually 543 Done walking in blocks. In this electiona total of 64.20 Crores of voters votedThey are

In TamilNadu 39 Elections for parliamentary constituencies in April.19Held on. This Votes cast in elections Today (Jun 4) Counted and results announced. With Lok Sabha election results, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha Assembly Election Results, In Tamil Nadu, the results of the by-elections for Vilavankode assembly constituency have also been declared Today are released.

Only BJP candidate Mukesh Dalal has been elected uncontested in Gujarat’s Surat constituency. BJP-led alliance in this election, The Congress-led India Alliance also had strong competition. However, In the results of the post-poll polling, National Democratic Alliance led by BJP 350-Winning more than 100 constituencies, It is reported that he will form the government for the third consecutive term at the center.

  • Jun 04, 2024 06:11 IST

    Lok Sabha Election Results 2024 Live: How true were the 2019 polls?

    2019 In the year, The poll results again underestimated the NDA’s performance.

    On average 13 Polls National Democratic Alliance total 306 and places, United Progressive Alliance 120 It is estimated that the seats will also be captured.

    National Democratic Alliance in this election 353 and places, For the United Progressive Alliance 93 Also won. BJP in this 303 and places, Congress 52 Also won

  • Jun 04, 2024 06:09 IST

    Lok Sabha Election Results 2024 Live: What do the polls predict this year?

    In case you missed the latest polls, Here’s a recap for you. All major polls NDA Return with absolute majority,, It is also said that the BJP will increase its previous numbers.

    For BJP 322-340 Places too, to Congress 60-75 As seats are available My Axis predicted. India to alliance 131-166 While Axis predicts that seats will be available, Chanakya 96 First 118 It is estimated that there will be up to places.

    ABP-CVoterAs forNDA 353-383 and places, India alliance 152-182 It predicts that it will also capture the seats. The ruling coalition 362 Places first 392 Places too, India alliance 141-161 Win up to places, Jan Ki Baat estimates that.

    India News-T-Dynamics NDAto 371 Places too, India to alliance 125 Seats are also estimated to be available. Republic TV-B-Mark poll NDAto 359 Places too, India to alliance 154 Seats are also estimated to be available. Another survey by Republic Bharat-Matrice NDA to 353-368 Places too, to India 118-133 Seats are also estimated to be available.

    NDTV Survey of televisionBJP led by NDA 358 and places, Indian Alliance 148 and places, For other parties 37 Places available estimated that.

  • Jun 04, 2024 06:08 ISTLok Sabha Election Results 2024 Live: What Are We Expecting?

    morning 8 Counting of votes begins at, According to polls, BJP seems to be coming back to power with absolute majority. However,, Polls are not always accurate, And as the opposition says, They could create a turning point and halt the BJP’s march.

    So the complete results are known We have to wait until it arrives.


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