Why are you doing this to me?

There are Tasmac liquor shops street by street.. TDF Vasan shouted when he went to the Madurai District Court to ask whether the youth are going bad just by looking at me.

Bike racer and YouTuber TDF Vasan has been in the limelight from time to time. He was caught in a case and the court banned him from riding a bike for 10 years.

So he goes to different cities by car with his friends and takes videos and uploads them on his YouTube page.

In this case, on 15th May at 7.50 pm, he drove a car named TN 40 AD 1101 in Vandiyur tollgate area recklessly and without attention while talking on his cell phone, endangering the lives of the public. He has also posted a related video on his YouTube channel Twin Throttlers.

As a result, a case has been registered against Manibharati under 7 sections. Subsequently, a case was also registered under section 308 for operating a vehicle with the intention of causing death to others.

A case has been registered under the non-dischargeable sections of DTF Vasan Bail.

Medical examination was conducted at Madurai Government Rajaji Hospital. After this, he was escorted by the police from Annanagar police station to be produced before the Madurai district court.

Speaking in front of the police station, TDF Vasan said, “Whose life have I contributed to? A false case has been filed against me. Bail for the person who killed two people by clinging to the car while intoxicated.. Is it a case for me? The law is for everyone, but there is no action against those who drive under the influence of alcohol on the road. A case has been registered against me even when I spoke on the loudspeaker on the phone.

I believe in the judiciary, I want justice for me,” he shouted.

Similarly, when I went to the court premises, the youths were getting spoiled just by looking at me? Did you know the road has a Tasmac? The 23-year-old went on to shout that if he grew up without any background, he would be paralyzed like this.


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