Wild teak.. Pooja Venkat in Negu Negu dress..!

Pooja Venkat, who sang the lyrics of Ponni Nadhi Parkanume, became a popular playback singer among fans with Ponni’s Selvan.

v pooja 2 2

Pooja Venkataraman, a contestant of Vijay TV’s Super Singer show, is the best playback singer. He has sung various songs in movies and left an impact on the minds of the fans.

Actress Pooja Venkat..

Taking advantage of the recognition he received after singing a song in Ponni’s Selvan, he sang Santhoshame from Krishna Lanka and received critical acclaim from many.

He stole the hearts of the fans with his comedy gala in the Super Singer show and used to combine Magaba Anand and Priyanka, who hosted the show.

v pooja 3 2

In that way, after the three of them mixed together in that season, a separate lice circle was formed for him.

Wild teak.. Chicken..

He can be very busy on social media and he often conducts photo shoots and publishes photos on his websites.

In that way, he has left the fans in awe of wild teak, wild chicken, negu negu.. The fans were stunned for a minute to see her look like a fairy in a cotton candy colored cow dress.

v pooja 4 2

And these photos, where the fans can keep their hands on their hips while bending their bodies, have gone viral on the internet.

Negu.. Negu.. Heat the body..

The photos, which are not boring no matter how many times they are seen, have not only received a huge response among the fans but also increased the heart beat in their hearts.

v pooja 1 2

And all the fans who have been watching this photo have given the necessary likes to this photo and have commented that he has never posted such a photo before, cute photos.

And this photo is one of the most viewed photos as the fans who keep watching this photo have gone viral on the internet.


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