Write it down..Libduwa 2 is a huge hit…Suri talk!

Write it down..Libduwa 2 is a huge hit...Suri talk!-oneindia news

Suri: Suri has said that the second part will be 3 times more terrifying than the first part of the release.

Directed by Vethimaran, the film features actors Suri, Vijay Sethupathi, and actress Bhavani Sri, Appukutty, Gautham Vasudev Menon, R. “Vitkulai” is a 2023 movie starring Velraj, Chetan, Prakash Raj and others. The film released amid great expectations and was a huge success both at the box office and critically.

The first part of the film was a huge success and the second part is being made next. All the cast members of the first part are said to be acting in the second part, however, it has to be said that the shooting for the second part is not complete yet. It is expected that the release date of the film will be announced soon.

In this situation, Karudan has recently talked about the movie Vithuthya 2 in an interview given to a YouTube channel for the promotion of the film and has increased the expectations for the film. Talking about this, Suri said, “Vithamtu 2 is being made very well. We have seen the reception of the first part of the film.

But, now I’m not saying it for the camera, I’m saying it for real. Liberation 2nd part will be 3 times scarier than the 1st part. The film became a hit to that extent. The film will surely bring happiness to everyone,” said Suri. After seeing what Suri said, many people are eagerly asking when the film will release. Also, it is worth noting that Garudan, starring Suri as the hero, will hit the theaters on May 31.


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