10 people per day.. checking in that organ before leaving.. Tik Tok Literary Open Talk..!

Tik Tok Literary is famous for playing porn games on the Tik Tok app, wearing sexy clothes and posting the most outrageous videos and photos on social media.

Literary is the one who attracted the youth towards her by showing her excessive beauty and falling into the worst taste.

Literary of Tiktok:

She had unnaturally large breasts. She made everyone frown by wearing racy clothes to make it look attractive.

tik tak ilakiya

He became hugely famous by constantly posting pornographic videos on his social media.

Thinking that this would get film opportunities, Literarya used to spread her appeal beyond limits.

Later, film opportunities also started coming to him. But the directors and producers of the film have stated in many interviews that they have to make adjustments before giving a chance.

It’s just that they give me a chance in the beginning and then they cheat me. Literary is saying that I am deceiving many people like this.

Many people have cheated:

Also, he is shaken by saying that many directors cheated him by making him agree to his wishes and then not giving him opportunities.

tik tak ilakiya1

Not knowing what to do with this, I was without income for a few days. That’s when my charisma came into play.

They will pay you lakhs if you go to party clubs in Dubai and Arab countries and do item dances.

In that way, we will go out as a group of girls through an agency. He is saying that I am earning my income by going there and dancing for them and entertaining them.

Item Dance in Dubai:

And if you go to a night party in Dubai as a dance, Rs. 2 lakhs will be paid. Not only that, if the people who are there like us when we dance there, if we also agree to it, wrongdoings will also happen there.

Surrender to their desire and get more money. Otherwise they will not disturb us in any way.

tik tak ilakiya2

That’s how every time I go to Dubai I spend almost Rs. Literary has said that she has earned between 5 to 10 lakhs and has come to India.

Test on that element:

This interview of his is seen as a sensational news on social media. Due to the poverty of the family, Litharya, who was working in the Panchum mill, ran away from the village after that. Showing off her charming beauty, she wandered to look for opportunities in cinema and then started appearing as a bad glamor actress.

Also, women like me who attend Dubai parties will be tested for HIV. Not only that, he also said that they will conduct a thorough medical examination to see if there are any communicable diseases in that organ.


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