I can’t control that feeling.. It’s difficult.. Priyanka Urukam who separated from her husband..!

PJ Priyanka was introduced as an anchor on Vijay TV on the recommendation of Magaba Anand.

He was seen as a popular anchor in the minds of the entire Tamil people by hosting many programs in his debut.

VJ Priyanka:

Priyanka is very close to people’s hearts because of her lively spoken word comedy reality.

VJ priyanka 5

In particular, he would never speak to anyone without making them frown. He does comedy even by denigrating himself and never says a single word to make others feel sorry for him.

Vijay became hugely famous by hosting Super Singer Junior, Super Singer on TV.

He is also famous for hosting many programs such as Star Music, Olly Belly, Surya Valalam, Music etc.

Priyanka as host:

Meanwhile, he participated as a contestant in the Bigg Boss show and showed his skills and was seen as a contestant who attracted people’s hearts.

VJ priyanka1 1

Before coming to Vijay TV, he hosted many TV programs like Zee Tamil, Sun TV, Chutti TV, Sun Music, Star Vijay, etc.

But it was Vijay TV that gave him the biggest identity. Because of this, he has said in many interviews that Makaba gave him life.

I am this far because of his recommendation. He spoke with great pride and gratitude about Magaba as a close friend of mine.

Meanwhile, he has started his own YouTube channel. He also earns considerable income by publishing various cooking videos and travel videos.

Love Marriage, Divorce:

Born and brought up in Karnataka, Priyanka Desh Pandey also has a younger brother. Meanwhile, Priyanka fell in love with Praveen Kumar, who worked with her in Vijay TV, and got married in 2016.

VJ priyanka2 1

Their married life ended in 2022. Yes, divorced and separated.

Priyanka did not say this openly in any interview and it was coming out as a rumour.

In a recent interview, she spoke very emotionally, hinting at her divorce from her husband and her mother’s desire to remarry her.

In this case, the interview in which BJP’s Priyanka spoke very emotionally about her younger daughter is now going viral on the internet.

I mean my brother has a baby and he makes my whole world and my whole family very happy.

Can’t Control That Feeling:

I have a lot of love for her beyond the relation of aunt. I’m longing for love now.

Just give me love now. I am ready to return the love to them twice as much.

VJ priyanka3

Whatever she asks I am ready to do for her. He spoke very emotionally as an aunt saying that she is my world.

Not only that, VJ Archana who heard Priyanka’s answer said that the lover will be as you wish.

You should have many children. Priyanka broke down and cried immediately saying that I will pray to God for this.

This emotional video has caught everyone’s attention and fans are congratulating Priyanka.


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