Surya’s words.. No thanks.. KS Ravikumar shared his experience of Aadhavan film..!

KS is famous for directing different lively family films in Tamil cinema. Ravi kumar.

He made his debut as a director in the year 1990 by directing the movie Buriyatha Pujam, after which various movies especially Cheran Pandian and Buddham Pudu Yatra gave him a good introduction.

K. S Ravikumar’s hit films:

Subsequently, he has directed many successful films like Ur Homyas, Natama, Periya Kettam, Muthu, Avvai Shanmukhi, Pistha, Sithukak, Ethiya Kanna, Padayappa, Swayaamvaram, Denali, Aadavan and has become a director with huge collection record in Tamil cinema.

He is regarded as an honored director who has received various awards for directing excellent films.

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In that way K. Aadavan is a movie directed by S Ravikumar and starring Suriya. This movie was released in the year 2009 and became a huge hit in Tamil cinema.

Suriya, Nayanthara, Murali, Vadivelu, Anandbabu, Ramesh Khanna, Sarojadevi and others played important roles in the film.

Suriya’s Aadhavan Movie:

Vadivelu’s comedy in this film was widely talked about and till today it is seen as the favorite comedy scene of many.

In this movie, Suriya has acted with a six pack. It attracted a lot of attention from the fans.

In this situation, Suriya said in an interview with director KS Ravikumar Sarathkumar about wearing a six pack in the film Aadhavan.

aadhavan movie

I mean, when I was directing Aadhavan, Suriya was sitting very sad at the shooting spot.

What happened then? As I went and asked, this stomach is not even grateful to me sir…how much I have worked out. Netu lamented that he ate a little one day and immediately got hung up.

No thanks… Q about Surya. S Ravikumar:

If Surya complains like that while acting in the film Aadavan, the reason why Sarathkumar is so fit at this age is because of the exercises he does.


But Sarathkumar does it with gusto and he still looks young. Even now he cannot accept his age.

In his mind, he always thought of himself as a 20-year-old boy. KS Ravikumar spoke with great pride about Sarathkumar as a very dedicated actor in that interview.


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