Snake actor who chased away Manju with Manja Jatti..! You will be shocked to know who it is.

Are all actresses impressed by underwear? A surprising incident has happened. Adjustment in cinema in general has been high. Don’t tell big actors if they have a crush on an actress in a film.

They want to reach them somehow. This is why female actresses who are constantly in Tamil cinema leave the cinema once they get married.

Adjustment in Cinema:

Even the great actors in the cinema are not allowed to act in the cinema if they are married to the actresses. This is the main reason for it. Especially the life of actresses who dance to item songs is very bad.

Even actress Vichitra once said that a big name in Telugu cinema crossed her line. A similar incident happened to an actress who came to sing an item song.

gossip 2 1

The movie was shot in and around Sathyamangalam forests. The black protagonist was playing the hero in it. In this case, as soon as he saw this item actress, the hero’s desire started to increase.

Desire for Actress:

Later that night, the actor took a room next to the actress’s room and expressed his desire to her. But the actress said she was not interested and pushed the actor out.

Because of this, the enraged actor went to his room and drank a lot of alcohol and then came back to the heroine’s room and quickly took off her clothes. Then the actress got a laugh seeing her wearing dark yellow underwear.

gossip 2 2

Following this, the actress supported the actor that night. After that, if the hero is missing from the shoot, the actress will ask where the yellow hero is. Knowing this, the actor asked the actress why she is humiliating her in public.

That actress and I have seen many men. But he laughed saying that he had never seen a man wearing this color.


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