Actor Suriya is very angry with the leading director..! Do you know who is the new hero of Vadivasal movie..?

Vetimaaran is one of the leading directors in the Tamil film world. Many of the films directed by him have been well received by the fans of Tamil Nadu and have earned him a very good name.

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After this, actor Suriya will act in this film as he was going to direct a film called Vadivasal? Won’t you? Talks like that have started to smoke again.

Suriya angry with leading director..

Suriya, who came forward to produce the film after announcing the film Vanangaan, suddenly left the film after a difference of opinion with Bala.

In this case, the film is being developed with Arun Vijay as the hero. Vanagan is expected to release by the end of this year.

Similarly, the film Vadivasal, directed by Vetrimaran, has been delayed for many years after Suriya agreed to act in it.

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After this, there are reports that there are talks going on to replace Suriya with another actor for Vaadivasal.

Vadivasal is the new hero of the film..

Also, after the announcement of Vadivasal, Suriya went to Vanangaan, and Vetimaaran has completed shooting both parts of Vithuthyam with Suriya.

Also, Surya Vadivasal, who withdrew from the film Vanagan, has completed the film Ganguwa under the direction of Siruthai Siva.

It has been revealed that the film has not been released due to the fact that the CG work of the film is yet to be completed, while the film is expected to release soon and is sure to release on Diwali.

Do you know who?

In this situation, it has been revealed that Vetrimaran is trying to start Vadivasal after completing Vithuthyam, while there are reports that he has come forward to produce the film even though Suriya has walked away from the film.

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Apart from that, while it was said that Dhanush may act instead of Suriya, now there are reports that Vetimaaran is secretly in talks with Tollywood actor Ramcharan.

In this case, it has come to be known that Ram Charan, who wasted many years in the film Game Changer under the direction of Shankar, has inquired about Vetrimaran and is avoiding him.

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In this situation, it has come to light that the actor Suriya met Ram Saran and Vetrimaran had given him the information that he was in a bad mood.

After this, all the fans are wondering how Vetrimaran will start this film with whom.

This thing is currently viral on the internet and has become a talking point among fans.


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