What kind of advertisement is this? Fans playing the role of Aadukalam heroine..!

After Taapsee’s early days as a model, she got an opportunity to act in films. In that way, he has acted in many language films like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi.

taapsee 1

Born and brought up in a Punjabi Sikh family, he works as a software professional. After this, in 2010, he started acting in the Telugu film Sumandi Natham.

Actress Taapsee..

Actress Taapsee who has reached the age of 36 recently got married to Badminton player named Mathias Po. Their marriage ended up being a private wedding with no celebrities or media present.

He made his debut in the Tamil film world with the film Aadukalam starring Dhanush and directed by Vetiramaran.

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Apart from South Indian language films, she is also a leading actress who regularly acts in Bollywood films.

Oh, what kind of advertisement is this?

She can be very busy on social media and often posts videos wearing colorful clothes. In that way, all the fans are going crazy watching the videos that he is releasing now

The reason for this is that all the fans are watching the video he is posting on his Instagram page.

And in this photo, wearing a tight dress to reveal the beauty of the mane and attracting fans to her side, it can be said that there is a chance of getting more new film opportunities.

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Besides, what kind of ad is this? Even after the marriage, the fans have been arguing among themselves that he has made everyone click by posting a video that crossed the line.

Fans who share the heroine of the field..

After this, in the video, many fans are saying that they are struggling not to know which beauty to look at first because all the beauty of Katazhaku mani looks beautiful.

Some other fans are also dismissive of the Adukala heroine saying that they did not expect her to make such a darshan. This video has now gone viral on the internet.

taapsee 4.webp

Not only have they watched this video and it has gone viral on the internet, they have also shared it with their friends and made it one of the most viewed videos on the internet.

The fans are saying that they are suffering from sleepless nights due to the attractiveness of this video which no one expected and they are telling them not to choke them by posting such videos.

If you want to watch that video, just click on the link below.


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