Actors who have a secret family with a small actress..! Oh my goodness..!

She is a famous actress who has been a star actress in Tamil cinema. She is seen as a famous actress who has acted in many super hit films and paired up with many actors.

He has held this status for almost 20 years with consecutive films.

Sneak peek of the little actress:

In particular, she has excelled as a star actress by acting in pairs with many leading actors even at the age of 40.

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Even though Ammani is beautiful and marketable, she is still unmarried and living a single life and roaming around like a free bird.

Spend the earned money in parties, pubs, clubs and have fun with your friends. He is coming with the sole aim of not getting married.

It was at this time that two rival actresses were competing to get hold of the star actress, and gossips broke out in Kollywood and caused a huge uproar.

He has already acted in a lip lock scene with a star actor which has come under great criticism.

Love gossip with enemy actors:

The actress was rumored to be romantically involved with the actor several years ago. After many years, both of them did not act in movies together.

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It was said that the reason was the star actor’s wife. His wife has been telling him that he should not be intimate with this actress.

Recently, the actor’s wife has separated from the actor and is living alone abroad.

Kollywood cinema circles say that the actor who thought that this is the time, has now started pairing up with a small actress and fulfilled all his desires.

The little actress is getting close with two actors who are enemy actors in the cinema.

It is also noteworthy that he became a committee in subsequent films with them. Two actors are competing with a young actress who is still unmarried after crossing the age of 40.

No for marriage after 40 years:

There is a reason why this actress, who secretly fell in love with several actors in a row and was later cheated on, has now decided not to get married.

Because if it continues like this, the market for him in the cinema will decrease. He avoids marriage as he doesn’t want it.

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The news that two actors who are like a mouse and a cat in the cinema are having a secret family has left the entire South Indian film industry reeling.

Child Adoption:

Even after becoming half old, the actress, who is still roaming around like a free bird, has no desire to get married.

Informed sources say that he is planning to adopt and raise the girls soon.

On the one hand, the news that the actress is having a secret family with two actors who pretend to be each other’s enemies in the cinema has surprised the listeners.


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