The leading actor who missed the role of SJ Surya in the conference..!

Venkat Prabhu is seen as the most successful director of commercial films in Tamil cinema.

The film directed by him is the conference. Simbu acted as the hero in this film.

Kalyani Priyadarshan acted opposite Simbu in this movie written and produced by Suresh Kamatshi.

Conference Movie:

Along with them, SJ Suriya played the villain role and became hugely popular. Bharathiraja, SA Chandrasekhar, Karunakaran, Premji Amaran and others played supporting roles.

maanadu 1

The film released and became a huge hit. At a time when Simbu had been facing a series of failures for many years, the film Kanpura became a huge hit for him.

He started getting more film opportunities. The shooting of the film, which started in 2020, was postponed due to the corona virus infection.

A few actors and actresses who were committed earlier left the film after the shooting was completely affected.

Acting by SJ Surya:

After that the shooting was completed in 2021 and it was ready for release. Released on November 4, 2021 on the eve of Diwali, the film became a huge hit at the box office.

maanadu 2

The film received positive reviews and the film’s story, screenplay, direction and the performances of the actors and actresses, especially those of Silambarasan and SJ Surya, were widely appreciated.

In this situation, Aravindsamy was committed before SJ Suriya, who was currently playing the villain in the film Kanduran.

The information about why he left this place is now published on the Internet. You can see about it in this news package.

It was SJ Suriya who won the applause of the fans by acting so realistically in his comedic and villainous performance that there was no need for a comedian in the movie Kavandepur.

maanadu 3

SJ Suriya’s performance in that movie was highly appreciated by people from all walks of life. They especially appreciated his comedy and villainy after watching the film.

It is no exaggeration to say that SJ Suriya’s performance against the almost heroic Simbu has been talked about so much.

Arvindsamy who missed the opportunity:

In this situation, Venkat Prabhu first wanted to cast actor Arvind Samy in this book and even bought the call sheet for the film after telling him the story.

But Arvindsamy was also committed to subsequent films when the news broke that this film was going to be abandoned, so suddenly he could not commit to this film.

arvind swamy4

Thus Venkat Prabhu searched for a villainous actor from many languages. But no one was a match for him.

It was at that time that one of his associate directors suggested the name of SJ Surya and immediately remembered that he would be suitable as SJ Duck.

This is how SJ Suriya has entered this movie. SJ Suriya who acted in this movie was hugely talked about.

It is doubtful whether Aravindsamy would have been talked about this much even if he had acted in that role.


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