Actress Asin who bent the businessman..! Pouring billions..! Celebrity broke information..!

Born in Cochin, Kerala, actress Asin is famous as an actress in Tamil cinema. Actress Asin made her debut in Malayalam cinema in 2001. Prahu did not get that many opportunities in Malayalam.

Following this, actress Asin was looking for film opportunities in Tamil. M.Kumaran made her debut as a heroine in Son of Mahalakshmi.

Asin in the movie:

That movie became his most popular movie in Tamil. After that, Asin acted in a series of blockbuster films like Ulam Ketkume, Ghajini, Maha, Sivakasi. Following this, he also got an opportunity in Hindi cinema.


He quit acting after 2015 after starring in several Hindi films like Ready, House Bull 2 ​​and Bol Bachchan. Because only after that she married a businessman named Rahul Sharma. After that no one saw him even on social media.

Asin’s situation has been explained by famous film journalist Seiyaru Balu. Asin’s husband Rahul Sharma belongs to a millionaire family. He founded the Indian mobile company Micromax.

Life with an entrepreneur:

But Micromax could not stand that much in the competition in the mobile market. Asin is living a happy life with her beautiful baby girl and husband.

He did not come to cinema with the desire to succeed in cinema. In fact, Asin’s love story is as good and interesting as Ghajini movie story.

asin family

It is through Akshay, a friend of actress Asin, that she is acquainted with businessman Rahul Sharma. Asin did not know that he was a businessman or a millionaire when they started dating.

It was only late that Asin came to know that he was a businessman. Asin fell in love with Rahul Sharma after seeing his humble nature and personality. After Rahul Sharma accepted her love, the two got married.

Like Rahul Sharma, Asin hails from a rich family. He came to the cinema just for fun. Seiyaru Balu has said that Asin is living happily with his family, who has left cinema at present.


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