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Ganja Karupu is one of the most popular comedians in Tamil cinema who spoke in local language. He doesn’t need to do much with his body language like other comedians. The way he talks is comedy.

He made his debut as a comedian in Tamil cinema in the year 2003 with the movie Pitamagan. In it, he was called a ganja drinker, so his name became ganja black. After that, Ganja Karupu acted in many films like Ram, Sivakasi, Chandakozhi.

Image Opportunities:

A movie with a village-based plot usually has Ganja Karupu in it. At this stage, movies like Baruthiveeran, Subramaniapuram, Thamirapparani were the movies that got him the most reception.


Aamir, director Bala, Samuthirakani and Sasikumar can be said to be a team in the film industry.

It is this team that has grown actor Ganja’s uterus. So Ganja Karupu will come to their festival.

Ganja Black at Film Festival:

In this situation, recently the movie called Vayo Tamilukku was released by director Aamir. Aamir acted in that movie after removing his beard for the first time. Many people attended the pre-release event of this film.

Ganja black was also participating in it. In it, he spoke mockingly to the heroine of the film, Chandini. It has come under much criticism. Ganja had spoken black by mispronouncing Chandni’s name.

ameer uyir thamilukku

Controversial Speech:

Thus Chandini asked him to pronounce his name correctly. Ganja Karupu replied, “What kind of school have I come to, what do you sing and go to bed with?” Varada Vachukongamma” has said.

And while he is talking, brother Aamir must be busy with many films. Put me as a comedian in it. In the same way Chandini has also spoken about madam Boden.


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