Actress Meghna Naidu accused me of taking my jatti from the locked box..!

An accusation made by actress Meghna Naidu who has acted in various language films like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Kannada and Hindi and has a fan base of her own is going viral on the internet.

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It can be said that after the accusation made by him, we are realizing the nature of not trusting anyone easily. Especially if you show important documents while renting the house, is it genuine? Or fake? It conveys the idea that it should be given after confirming that.

Actress Meghna Naidu..

Meghna Naidu, who made her film debut in the Telugu film Prithvi Narayana in 2002, acted in the Tamil film Saravanan in 2008. And in 2005, he gave an outstanding performance in the film Jambawan.

Meghna Naidu, who easily attracted many fans with her amazing performance, got Tamil opportunities one after another. In that way, after acting in the film Veerasamy in 2007, he acted in films like Vaideeswaran and Vathanam in 2008.

And in 2009, Kutty, Vada, in 2011, Siruthi and Puli Vesham, Vellore Distram, etc. showed his amazing performance and held a permanent place in the hearts of the fans.

Leave out the jatti too Don’t leave..

However, in a recent interview, he has made serious allegations about the people who have been settled as tenants in his house in Goa.

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After seeing the Aadhaar card, driving license etc. of the tenants, he has entrusted the house to rent. However, they paid the rent correctly for a couple of months and did not pay the rent after that.

Claiming to be from Mumbai and showing Aadhaar card driving license as proof, these people who were on rent disappeared without paying the rent.

Apart from that, they stole all the important things from the house and they did not leave even my underwear.

After this I posted this matter on Facebook. I hoped that posting this on Facebook would not only make them easy to find but also help everyone to be aware of them.

Meghna Naidu’s allegation..

And he has an allegation that they have stolen not only the things from my house but also some things from the neighboring house.

Meghna Naidu 3

After this, this matter is now spreading rapidly and people are also talking about the people who cheated actress Meghna Naidu by giving fake documents.

In this situation, this incident has brought light to everyone that only if the wrongdoers realize that theft cannot be eradicated if they do not look like a thief, this incident has brought light to everyone.


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