Vasundhara on a new path!

Although she played one of the five heroines in the film Peranmai directed by SB Jananathan, actress Vasundhara got her own unique identity by showing her dashing performance.

Vasundhara, who has had the lucky opportunity to act as the heroine in the films of directors who always give importance to story and characters, has been playing only good characters in selective films. In this way, this year, Vasundhara has become a busy actress after acting in two films like Kannai Namade and Thalikoothal and a web series called Modern Love Chennai.

Not only that, Vasundhara, who used to choose only selective stories and characters, says that from now on, she is going to relax the rules she has laid down for choosing films and travel on a new path.

I expect challenging characters. If I play the heroine in it, I can make only one film a year. But when playing negative characters, we don’t fight ourselves first. There is always an opportunity for women to play negative roles in Tamil cinema. In the past, people used to see those who pretended to be real fools. Times have changed now.

People have also changed to like the character. Actress Ramya Krishnan is a super performer in both positive and negative roles. I am his fan. Ketha can play a negative role rather than playing a sinful, suffering heroine. So I am going to focus on commercial films from now on. So now I am playing a negative character in a multi-starrer story. This film is being developed as a modern crime drama centered on women. There are many twists and turns in the film.

I’ll be a twist on that too. Lakshmi Narayanan Raju, who directed the web series called Babkoa, is directing this film. Apart from this, I am also acting in a big budget film. Information about it will be released soon from the producer side.

Tamil has always been my home. But I am willing to act in other languages ​​to perfect myself as an actress. My desire is to act especially in Malayalam and Telugu languages. When I watch Malayalam films, I naturally feel the nostalgia of playing such a character.

Initially I got few opportunities in Telugu. Due to some circumstances those opportunities were missed. That way I want to act in Malayalam films for mental satisfaction and Telugu films for career growth. This year three films in which I acted have been released. Vasundhara says that two films will definitely be released next year.

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